would you rather read or watch a status update on social media?


Would you rather read a status update or watch a video on social media? Video content over the last couple of years has seen an enormous growth and by 2017 it will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.

All major social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube have been built or have over time been modified to enable the user to upload, watch and share video content with ease.

YouTube has over a billion users and has seen a growth in watch time accelerate by at least 50% year over year for the last three straight years. In the last 12 months the posting of video content to facebook has increased by 75%.

But how did we get to this point? Facebook was launched in February 2004 as a means for its users to message, chat and to notify friends about themselves in the way of written posts. In 2011 as technology developed and the popularity of the smartphone increased, users began to move away from a written post to the uploading of pictures to accompaniment their status update. This was highlighted in 2011 when Facebook timeline based profile arrived followed by its acquisition of Instagram in 2012 allowing users to share pictures instantly.

But all this has been a stepping stone in where we are today; Facebook’s video traffic has reached 4 billion daily views. Personal users have replaced written posts with videos to notify friends about themselves and businesses post videos as a way of engaging on a personal level as their videos can be directed to their target audience.

This change of posting from written to pictures and then pictures to videos on Facebook has been mirrored on other social platforms and it now begs the question; will we see this transformation of written to video happen in other industries?

We have already seen an emergence of video on news sites but will we see it in recruitment? Perhaps giving life to the standard CV enabling candidates to express their skills and personality though video content?


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video screening

Randstad MENA has teamed up with an innovative video software company, enabling clients and candidates to interview via video. This brings with it a whole host of benefits, some of which include time, money and effort. 

Randstad’s video screening enables its user to conduct an interview across borders and allows its users to interview those candidates you have missed due to time constraints.

Randstad MENA is continuously looking to use technology to improve the journey for the candidate and client as we continue to source and select the right people for the right businesses.

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