recruiting for Saudi nationals.

Recruiting top talent, especially KSA Nationals, is a challenged shared by many businesses in Saudi Arabia. How do you attract the right people: candidates who demonstrate specific skills and abilities, technical expertise, up-to-date knowledge; to your organization? We believe that one of the best ways to attract and recruit KSA Nationals is to dive deeper than a resume or a job vacancy. It stems from forward-thinking hiring managers, HR technology and innovation, and by devoting substantial resources into delivering a great candidate experience.

Randstad MENA invests substantial effort in matching Saudi Nationals to local employers, to boost Saudization efforts, and to support the KSA workforce. We have assisted many businesses in searching and selecting KSA talent, by combining the power of today’s technology, with the passion of our recruitment professionals, to create an experience that’s inherently more human and more successful. By measuring and maximizing the quality and efficiency of our talent acquisition process, we have created a better experience for both our clients and our candidates. We do this by:


connecting with our talent pool.

Our KSA recruiters imbue a lot of their time, effort, and resources into attracting and engaging with high-quality candidates. Our candidate database spans over 400,000 entries, and has become our most valuable source of top talent. As our recruitment team already have active relationships with these individuals, hiring process can often be quicker – in many cases because we have not had to advertise a job on our portal or on job sites, as we already know the right candidates.


setting realistic candidate expectations.

Expectations of working in Saudi Arabia have evolved in many ways in recent years, but many people can hold outdated views of the country and what expat life might entail within its border. The internet has driven change in some respects, as candidates can education themselves on local laws, customs, living standards, and salaries.

However, information can often be outdated or simply incorrect, so both recruiters and hiring managers can play their part in setting realistic candidate expectations. It’s important to resolve any potential disconnect between what candidates want, and what an employer can deliver. Likewise, building a robust employer brand can strongly influence how top talent perceives your organization.


considering the customer journey.

We believe that you should think of your candidate journey as a customer journey. And that it's important to study all of the touch-points that your candidates will experience from the moment that they visit your website to apply for a job, to the moment that they sign a contract with your organization. 

Our KSA recruitment team dedicates quite some time to understanding the hiring managers’ needs and business requirements. However, every member of the team also invests substantial resources in delivering a great candidate experience from beginning to end, because we believe this is integral to attracting the best people. We receive thousands of applications every day, but we make sure that we have the tools in place to deliver an efficient and friendly screening process, to find the best talent in Saudi Arabia for the clients we recruit for.


understanding the role of technology.

At Randstad MENA, technology plays a critical role in our ‘Human Forward’ transformation strategy. And with the internet, social media and mobile technology, we advise that all Saudi employers should jump on the technology bandwagon. For example, our mobile-optimized job portal is one of our most important communication channels for attracting top talent. We also use social media channels and networks extensively, in order to generate traffic to the portal and to target candidates that may not actively be looking for a new role.


considering the future of recruitment.

It’s important to think about how your organization can stand out from the crowd now, and in the future. The competition to recruit Saudi Nationals between companies is likely to become more and more aggressive as time goes on. KSA-based companies will need to ensure they have a strong brand, a smart recruitment strategy, and favorable compensation and benefit schemes in place.

If your company is having trouble recruiting for Saudi Arabian Nationals, consider getting in touch with Randstad MENA today. Our KSA Business Manager Faysal Waheed has years of experience recruiting for roles based in Saudi Arabia, and would be happy to assist with you with your organization’s KSA hiring strategy.

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