Randstad MENA salary survey 2017

After our hugely successful Randstad MENA salary survey 2016, we are set to complete our Salary Survey for 2017.

We are looking to gather information to analyze the working environment in the Middle East and North Africa region to find out what matters to you. So no matter what sector or location you are working in we would highly appreciate your time and comments.

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What did 2016 tell us?

Randstad MENA conducted its Salary Survey for 2016 based on the results from its salary survey questionnaire which ran from November 2015 to February 2016 and expert Randstad recruitment consultants. The salary survey was conducted to analyze the working environment in the Middle East and North Africa region to find out what matters to an employee.

The results provide interesting data and a real insight to employees of different experience, nationally and culture. Not only does the salary survey look into salary but it also examines the expectations and reality of benefits in this region.

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2016 in numbers

  • 41%
    would consider relocating to the Middle East
  • 86%
    would consider leaving their current company
  • 0-2 years
    average employment length
  • career
    top reason someone would leave their current role

what are the benefits employees want?

Understanding the wants and needs of a potential employee is key when trying to acquire new talent to your organization. A salary is always going to play a major factor but benefits can set you apart your competitors.

Randstad have asked the question on what it is employees want as part of a financial and non-financial package and the results make for an interesting read. Living allowance is the one number one financial reward an employee would like to be recognised but where does a bonus, incentive or company shares figure.

“A supportive management is the key to success, individually or as a whole. ”

Sales Coordinator, Automotive Industry, United Arab Emirates

who would relocate?

41% of people stated in the salary survey that they would relocate to the Middle East which is not surprising when UAE nationals only make 11% of the total population of the country. India and Pakistan account for 40% of the total population while westerns only account for 3.5%.

And it is easy to see why the Middle East is an attractive place to work for non-UAE nationals. Not only do you have certain tax breaks, higher salary then that of Europe, US & Asia and wonderfully weather conditions but company benefits which can include free round-trip airfare to your home country, transportation allowance, bonus, breath taking malls and department stores and end of contract bonus.

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