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Our widespread network ensures that we can source the best talent in Bahrain, and further afield. We can assist with the sourcing and selection of permanent staff across numerous industries and sectors, as well as the provision of HR services.

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Randstad is a leading recruitment firm; experts in recruiting talent for companies in Bahrain. Our deep industry expertise and full-service recruitment capabilities enable our clients to be agile, productive, and ahead of the curve.


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Our 30 years of experience sourcing professionals for vacancies in Manama, Riffa, and Muharraq, makes us a trusted recruitment partner. We help you find the best candidates in Bahrain, no matter the industry.


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With innovative HR technology, human insight, and deep industry knowledge of Bahrain, Randstad can help drive the decisions that advance your company's strategic hiring plans.

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Our global standing means we have access to some of the best talent in the world. We're consistently praised by clients for the emphasis we place on global scales with a local scope.

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Randstad have partnered with numerous clients in Bahrain, to fulfil their staffing needs. We specialise in search and source for the oil & gas, construction, FMCG, retail, life sciences, legal, human resources, and IT industries.

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Our network of expertise crosses industries and geographies; allowing us to match professionals to your organisation. We can assist with executive search, contingency recruitment, and headhunting for specialist and niche vacancies.

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about bahrain.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island country, situated between Qatar and the north-eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. With a population of 1,250,000 people, including 667,000 expatriates, Bahrain is the third smallest nation in Asia.

After investing heavily in banking and tourism, Bahrain became the first post-oil economy in the Persian Gulf, and has been recognised by the World Bank as a high-income economy. The country has one of the fastest growing economies in the Arab world, and the freest economy in the Middle East, based on the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom.


Bahrain is home to a booming banking and financial services sector, and serves as a Middle Eastern and North African business hub for many Western multinationals and Islamic banking institutions. Aside from finance, Bahrain’s major exports include petroleum products made from crude oil, aluminium, iron ore, and construction materials. The country depends heavily on food imports, as less than 3% of its land is arable.

Despite challenging regional circumstances, Bahrain has sustained high levels of global trade and investment activity, by maintaining a competitive and efficient regulatory environment. Reforms in the existing Commercial Companies Law have facilitated accelerated levels of foreign investment, and ownership of companies.

recent reforms.

In recent years, Bahrain has initiated a series of labour reforms, in order to bring the country’s labour market in line with international standards. The Kingdom aims to expand its high tech industries, invest in research and development, with the aim of strengthening its competitive edge within the global economy. Many of these efforts have aided with economic diversification plans, and provided jobs for Bahraini locals and expatriate workers.


Since the 1990s, Bahrain has undergone a shift in the workforce demographic due to Bahrainisation. As a result, the country’s workforce differs from those of its Persian Gulf neighbours, in that a significant number of local Bahrainis are working in the private sector, at all levels, in all occupations. In addition, there are more women in the workforce in Bahrain than in any other GCC country.  

Close to 78% of the total workforce is comprised of foreigners, with the majority employed in unskilled construction work. Many local and foreign firms chose to hire expatriate workers from Europe, North Africa, and Asia, who have specialist skills in key areas, wherever there is a lack of local expertise.


The Bahraini government's primary initiative for combating unemployment is Bahrainisation; the replacement of expatriate workers by national citizens. In 2009, the Economic Development Board launched the ‘Bahrain Economic Vision 2030’, a long-term plan to raise Bahrainis’ standard of living, bring about education and healthcare reform, to increase privatisation, and to provide additional training and education to the local Bahraini workforce, to establish Bahrain as a regional centre for human capital.

recruitment services.

We're here to help with all of your Bahrain-based staffing and recruitment needs. As the MENA region's leading recruitment firm, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of solutions that help our clients access the best talent available on the market. Our recruitment team relies on a proven methodology complete with sourcing, screening, matching, skills assessment, and hiring management stages.

Randstad can assist you by increasing your exposure to the Bahrain candidate market through our extensive online and offline networks, by improving candidate quality through industry-leading screening and skills assessment processes, and by containing costs through built-in efficiencies that may not be available to you in-house.

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