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Here at Randstad Middle East we are passionate about what we stand for and we are especially proud that we are recruitment care experts. Our aim is to offer you more than just a job in recruitment; we want those who join us to have a fulfilling and rewarding career as an industry expert.

We are confident that in our uniquely diverse organisation there are opportunities for everyone to shine if they are ready to embrace a challenge.

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team building

The Randstad team recently took part in The Escape Hunt Experience; a real life first person escape game where players are locked in a room and must explore their surroundings, solve riddles and find clues in order to escape.

The game requires players to work as a team in order to solve the challengers and puzzles by using their observation, problem solving and communication skills. We are happy to announce all our Randstad team escaped and that they are excited to use the skills gained in their work.

social events

Whether it be bowling, a meal or a BBQ; social events are a must attend feature in the Randstad office calendar. They are the prefect chance to relax and socialise with colleagues after a competitive but successful day.

Randstad FC

The Randstad office football team ready to play in their Tuesday League. Still looking for their first league title, but with performances continuously improving it is only a matter of time.

social events

From left to right: Jack, Hayley, Aaron and Lee. Enjoying a night out after a hard but successful month at work.

Randstad 55th Anniversary

The team celebrating the 55th anniversary of Randstad in Westin Dubai. Each country held there own event with the Dubai team holding their's on the 1st October. Mark Bull, CEO Randstad UK and Middle East even made a guest appearance.

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