entertainment, sports, and leisure in Saudi Arabia.

On the surface, it may not appear as if there is much to do in Saudi Arabia. The landscape appears to be nothing other than endless desert, the weather is inhospitality warm for half of the year or more, and the country’s strict laws test Western ideas of fun and frivolity. However, there are many activities to enjoy within the Kingdom, especially if you like spending time in the great outdoors.

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things to do.

Saudi Arabia gives visitors and residents alike a fascinating introduction into Arabic and Islamic culture. One of the must-see cities is Medina, also known as the City of the Prophet, alongside Mecca and the Grand Mosque, the structure that surrounds the Kaaba.


leisure activities.

Saudi Arabia is one of the few nations on Earth where it’s possible to go camel riding, or camp overnight under clear desert skies. Tour organizers can arrange activities such as traditional Bedouin singing & dancing performances, but many expats simply head out into the dunes with a well-equipped four-wheel drive.


sport & fitness.

Both traditional and modern sports are popular in Saudi Arabia, from horse and camel racing, falconry, and hunting with hounds, to football and volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, and golf. The Kingdom has a number of different types of sports facilities, ranging from major sports complexes, to neighborhood gyms and clubs, both public and private.




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local cuisine.

Some of Saudi Arabia’s local dishes includes, fatir, a type of flat bread, hawayij, a spice mix made of caraway and cardamom seeds, saffron, turmeric, and black peppercorns, laban, a yogurt drink, kapsa, made from rice and chicken, plus qahwa – Arabic coffee.



Saudi Arabia has a rich history of literature, folklore, theatre, and dance, with influences from the wider Middle East and from India. The country is home to a rich civilization with a long history of exchanges with other cultures of the world, and remains deeply committed to preserving and upholding its unique heritage.



The wildlife of Saudi Arabia is substantial and varied; and includes animals such as the camel, the Arabian tahr, the Arabian wolf, the Arabian red fox, the striped hyena, the sand cat, and the cape hare. There are also numerous birds native to KSA, including sandgrouse, quails, eagles, buzzards, larks, pelicans, and gulls.



Saudi Arabia offers both traditional open-air markets and modern air-conditioned shopping malls. Numerous Western brands are available, from fast and designer fashion, to major retail outlets like IKEA and Debenhams. The shops are closed on Fridays and during prayer times.


getting away.

Flights are available between major Saudi cities with the national airline Saudia, plus a number of other international carriers, which operate regular domestic and international flights from the country’s main airports. It is easily possible to explore more of the GCC area from KSA, as well as the Indian subcontinent.