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Opportunities for expats in Saudi Arabia are not abundant as they once were, but roles are still available for those with specific professional qualifications, experience, and skills. The oil industry accounts for a major part of the country's economy and is the most likely area in which to find work, alongside IT, healthcare, banking, and construction.

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Randstad MENA is partnered with many Saudi based companies, and actively recruits for jobs in the IT, finance, oil & gas, healthcare, construction, FMCG, and manufacturing sectors. We help skilled professionals find permanent jobs in KSA, with well-known organizations.

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For many, joining a company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be the first time that they set foot in the country. Here’s a summary of what living in the country is like, and what you can expect when you move there.

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There’s more to expat life in Saudi Arabia than camel rides and compound living. Check out our guide to recreation and leisure activities in KSA, and learn more about living in the country with our top tips.

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If you’re considering working in Saudi Arabia, why not submit a general application? You’re welcome to send us your CV at any time, for consideration against job vacancies that we are filling now, and in the future.

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Randstad is one of the largest recruitment and HR providers in the world. From our office in Dubai, we help hundreds of expats every year start exciting new careers in the Middle East. We have a dedicated KSA team, who can provide expert advice about relocating to Saudi Arabia.

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Find out which areas we recruit for, and which roles are in demand in the Middle East. Although originally focused on the oil & gas sector, Randstad has since expanded its operations to cover IT, healthcare, construction, finance, FMCG, HR, engineering, and more.

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Saudi Arabia is a massive country with great wealth and employment opportunities. However, it is essential that everyone going to work in the Kingsom understands the country’s unique customs, traditions, and religious beliefs, and how they shape daily life.

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