how to handle the interview


You’ve been invited for an interview, so a potential employer has seen something in you. The interview is your chance to shine and go beyond what is on your CV!

With your research and preparation in place, here are a few of the basic “Do and Do Not” rules…


  • Give clear and thought through answers. Know before you walk in why you are right for the role.
  • Get there on time! Plan your route in advance and allocate yourself at least 20 minutes extra to ensure that you arrive early.
  • Structure your answers. Make two or three relevant points based on actual experience not hypothetical scenarios.
  • Beat the nerves! It may seem difficult sometimes, but try to remember that you are there because you have shown something that they like and they are interested to know more.
  • Ask relevant questions – this is where your research really shows its worth.

Do Not

  • Be negative or critical of your current role, employer or colleagues; it canappear unprofessional.
  • “Jump the gun”. The chances are that there is at least one more interview stage to come so don’t talk money straight away.Remember, you are there to show what you can offer them, not the other way around
  • !Lie! It seems obvious, but stick to your actual experiences and what you know.