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Discover a wealth of retail sector opportunities with Randstad. Due to the expansive growth of the Middle Eastern retail sector, we recruit for all manner of roles, from store assistants and buyers, to mall and flagship store managers.


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We match candidates like you to the roles our clients are hiring for. Companies turn to Randstad for staffing support when they are struggling to locate hard-to-find talent, or have an urgent need for specific retail expertise.


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In the world's most fashion consciousness region, the retail sector is poised for continued growth, with rising wages, surging retail real estate expansion, and numerous career opportunities. 

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We’re experts in connecting candidates to fulfilling roles, and putting you on the road to a prosperous career. To help you get started, we've collated our top CV and career advice in one easy to browse area.

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Randstad have placed hundreds of candidates in rewarding retail roles at every level. We recruit for all manner of different brands, from exciting fast fashion chains to luxury retail giants and innovative tech manufacturers. 

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We actively place retail talent in areas such as general and store management, operations and project management, brand management and marketing, buying and merchandising, stock control, sales, strategy, plus flagship store positions.

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Retail and customer service jobs in the Middle East are found in diverse industries like entertainment, bricks and mortar plus online retailing, FMCG, finance and banking, telecommunications, IT, and numerous others. Wherever people buy goods or services, your skills are needed. Your employer counts on you to offer a welcoming smile and to close sales. Your sales ability and people skills are an asset, ensuring there are plenty of job opportunities for you in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait.

your day to day tasks.

Retail and customer facing jobs require well-developed people skills. You'll be interfacing with customers daily, so you need to know how to communicate. Some tasks you’ll encounter might include:

  • helping customers in person or by phone
  • answering customer questions
  • reading sales scripts over the phone
  • taking orders or making sales
  • conducting surveys for your employer
  • ringing up purchases for customers
  • upselling customers on new products
  • reaching out to new or existing customers
  • leading a customer support or sales team
  • managing a retail store or shopping mall

what you bring to the table.

For retail and customer service positions in the Middle East, you’ll need to be exceptionally good at working with people. Though most customer service jobs require limited formal education, there are some skills you should hone, such as your natural sales ability, attentiveness, and an eye for detail. Plus, you should be well-informed about your company and its products or services.

It also helps to have a welcoming phone manner, good listening skills, and patience and a calm tone, even when you're under pressure. For management roles, problem-solving and leadership skills are required, as well as administration and organisational abilities.

education & training.

Most retail and customer service jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent, but even that is not always required for some entry-level roles. It's rare for customer service jobs to require formal post-secondary education. In fact, there are many customer service jobs that are perfect for recent grads and freshers just starting in the workforce in cities such as Dubai or Riyadh.

However, having a university education in marketing, sales, business, or related fields can help you advance your career into supervisory and management roles.

where your career is headed.

Retail and customer service jobs are often viewed as a starting point to enter the workforce. Entry-level retail and customer service jobs are extremely common in the Middle East, and often have high turnover. It’s well worth noting that once you have gained a few years of experience and can showcase strong leadership skills, there's room to advance to supervisory and management roles.

Additionally, retail and customer service jobs are a great foundation for many other careers. With your experience, you can look to careers in marketing, sales, PR, or other service-oriented fields. Obtaining a degree specialising in the field of your choice will help you focus on your career path.


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