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Find your next life sciences, pharmaceuticals, or healthcare role with Randstad. We connect talented professionals with challenging and rewarding careers in companies operating across the Middle East and North Africa. 



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Fewer jobs are more rewarding than ones in health care. Rising incomes, plus lifestyle-related diseases and ambitious state initiatives, are driving healthcare growth in the Middle East.

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We place life sciences and pharmaceuticals talent in areas such as clinical research and development, hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, medical affairs and information, drug safety, plus quality assurance.

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Our clients range from global pharmaceutical organisations to independent biotechs, start-ups, as well as medical device and consultancy companies. No matter what you're searching for, we can assist.

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The Middle East and North Africa region is considered to be an emerging market by many pharmaceutical and life science companies, with spending growth in MENA forecasted to rise by over 9% annually. With further sector growth expected in coming years, the need for talent in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar remains high and competitive. Marketing, sales, and commercial positions, such as country managers and business unit heads, are in constant demand, and professionals with the right skills will have their pick of job opportunities.

your day to day tasks.

The broad range of life sciences and pharma jobs and specialties in the Middle East means every day presents new challenges. Dependent on your role, some of your daily tasks could include: 

  • analysing, sorting, or reporting on data
  • identifying or resolving problems
  • research and development
  • ensuring adherence to internal codes of compliance
  • supporting and providing oversight on consumer health activities
  • providing medical expertise
  • being a source of clinical expertise to support research activities
  • formulating marketing strategies for assigned territories or products
  • developing sales forecasts, budgets, and manpower planning
  • facilitating meetings, workshops, and work sessions with internal/external team members and stakeholders
  • specialisms such as biotechnology, cell biology, immunology, molecular biology, pathology, biochemistry, biostatistics, cancer research/oncology, and haematology

what you bring to the table.

Life sciences organisations sit at the intersection of some of the world’s most exciting innovations in cutting-edge fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and biomedical technologies. They’re curing cancer, developing sophisticated life-saving medical devices, and preserving the environment. Projects like developing and testing new drugs or other forms of treatments often involve hundreds of professionals and require years to collect, analyse, and verify data.

To succeed in this field, you should have a broad-based knowledge of science, and for research positions, a deep knowledge of a specific research area. You’ll need the research and technical skills required to execute studies, plus the ability to think creatively and propose innovative solutions to scientific problems. For any position that involves managing people, you should have mastered the ability to plan and organise projects, delegate responsibilities, provide instruction, guidance, and feedback, as well as expert written, editing, speaking, and presentation abilities.

education & training.

Most jobs in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals sectors require at the very least a bachelor's, master's or even doctoral degree in biology, chemistry, or genetics. For leadership, or sales and marketing roles, a business degree may also be an asset.

Some opportunities will also require knowledge of and experience with specialised scientific research and development. There are many university courses and certifications available in various specialties to help you increase your expertise and earning power.

where your career is headed.

Opportunities to advance your career are abundant in the life sciences sector. Many specialists start their careers in academia or research and development, as this hones several skills you need to succeed, and improves your ability to explore available career options in the future. Some professionals turn their attentions towards medicine, with the notion of applying their data collection and analysis resources to solving today’s biggest health care problems.

Either way, there are many options available in the academic, government, industrial, non-profit, and private sectors. This includes medicine and research, medicine and public health, medicine and law, or medicine and business, up to GM, country head, and director level.


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