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From solicitors to lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, and legal PAs, we recruit law professionals for both local and international private practice firms and in-house corporate teams located across the Middle East and North Africa.


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We use recruitment technology with a human focus, in conjunction with long-term partnerships with leading firms and corporations, to connect candidates with rewarding and high profile roles in the legal sector.


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The GCC is a complex market with a range of different legal systems, and one in which many of the world's leading law firms have set up office. Whatever your specialism, we can make the introduction.

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Our goal is to secure an exact match between our candidates, the jobs we recruit for, and the company hiring. To find out how to get your CV noticed, visit our Career Hub.

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We may be one of the biggest recruiters in the region, but that doesn't mean we overlook each candidate's unique skillset. Our consultants are well-versed to assist and advise top legal talent in securing rewarding roles. 

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We place legal talent in areas such as corporate in-house, private practice, commerical, Islamic law and finance, contract specialists, PA, legal assistant & legal secretary positions, plus lawyer and solicitor roles.

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where you can work.

There are numerous job openings in the Middle East for legal professionals; most within private practice. Demand is highest for energy sector, litigation, finance, and corporate lawyers, as markets in the Gulf have become more fluid and lending volumes have risen.

Many of these jobs are located in cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, however there is also steady demand for lawyers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Prior international experience will give applicants a distinct advantage, but opportunities exist at all levels, from newly qualified lawyers to experienced partners and general counsel. 

your day to day tasks.

The broad range of legal positions in the Middle East means that your work will vary depending on your job title. Some of your daily tasks may include:

  • preparing legal documents, such as contracts
  • preparing pleadings and briefs, and finding supportive documents and statistics
  • researching legal precedents, legislative actions, and specific laws
  • meeting with clients to discuss the details of cases
  • evaluating findings and developing strategies and arguments in preparation for the presentation of cases
  • performing administrative and management functions related to the practice of law
  • acting as agent, trustee, guardian, or executor for businesses or individuals
  • staying up-to-date on new and updated laws and guidelines

what you bring to the table.

Successful legal professionals based in the Middle East will need to have exceptional communication skills, analytical abilities, logical reasoning, persuasiveness, and sound judgment. Cultural sensitivity is also vital, and lawyers and paralegals will be expected to have not just awareness of Middle Eastern standpoints and values, but also a broader emerging markets outlook.

Arabic speaking legal professionals will always be in demand in the Gulf region, especially in government-backed institutions. If you don’t speak the local language, there are still opportunities available for individuals with strong knowledge of local law, of British, French, or sharia-based law, and the civil law system.

education & training.

Like elsewhere in the world, lawyers and legal professionals in the Middle East are expected to have attended law school. A career as a paralegal may be possible with an associate's degree in paralegal studies, but lawyers must have a bachelor's degree, graduate from an accredited law school, and in some cases gain all the required local licensing.

where your career is headed.

There are numerous opportunities for advancement in practices and large in-house teams in corporations across the Middle East, for hardworking individuals. With the right education, skillset, and determination, your chances for vertical movement are likely better than you would find in more mature markets. You may also find that the move into senior roles with managerial responsibilities can be easier to realise at an earlier point in your career, compared to in your home country.

Many firms can offer you the ability to develop your people, business, and practice management expertise, as well as your leadership and business development skills. Working in major cities such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi will enable you to develop your legal expertise, sharpen your commercial focus, and become a trusted advisor to individuals and clients around the MENA region.


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