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Find your next hospitality role with Randstad. We connect talented professionals to fulfilling roles in companies big and small, across the Middle East and North Africa. No matter the size of your ambition, we'll have a role to match.


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The hospitality and catering industries have experienced rapid growth in the Middle East, with new hotels and restaurants opening every month; and this is set to continue well into the future.

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We may be one of the biggest recruiters in the region, but that doesn't mean we overlook each candidate's unique skillset. With connections to independent brands and major chains, our consultants find the right jobs for the right people.

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We place hospitality and catering talent in areas such as front office and guest services, business development, account management, restaurants and waiting staff, kitchen, food preparation and chef roles, plus recreation and entertainment.

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There are numerous hospitality roles throughout the Middle East and North Africa, with many opportunities located in major Gulf cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait City, Muscat, Doha, and Manama. Dubai offers tremendous opportunities to the hospitality job seekers from all over the world, in many of the world’s most luxurious hotels and restaurants. Numerous hotel managers, cooks, waiters and waitresses, bartenders, counter workers, and maintenance workers have relocated to the UAE for work.

your day to day tasks.

Hospitality and customer facing jobs in the Middle East require well-developed people skills. You'll be interfacing with customers daily, so you need to know how to communicate. Some tasks you’ll encounter might include:

  • helping customers in person or by phone
  • answering customer questions
  • attending a bar and serving drinks
  • preparing or serving food, and recommending menu items
  • ensuring all assigned rooms are clean and tidy
  • arranging transportation services
  • organising meetings and assisting with conferences
  • upselling customers on new products or services
  • reaching out to new or existing customers
  • leading a team or managing a restaurant
  • managing a hotel as part of a chain

what you bring to the table.

For most hospitality positions in the Middle East, you’ll be expected to be exceptionally good at working with people. Though many hospitality jobs require limited formal education, these are some skills you should master, such as clear communication, attentiveness, patience, and a calm tone, even when under pressure. You’ll be expected to be well-informed about your company, and its products or services, and in some cases speak more than one language, such as English, Arabic, or French.

For management roles, problem-solving and leadership skills are required, as well as administration and organisational abilities. To succeed, you’ll need to be passionate about people, and able to think on your feet.

education & training.

Most hospitality and catering jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent, but even that is not always required for certain entry-level roles. Kitchen staff will be expected to have vocational higher education qualifications, however on the job training is often provided for front desk, housekeeping, and food service personnel.

A university education in hotel management, hospitality, tourism, marketing, sales, business, or related fields can help you advance your career into supervisory and management roles. Larger hotel chains prefer managers with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in hotel or hospitality management, and smaller hotels or restaurants may hire managers with an associate’s or foundation degree.

where your career is headed.

The hospitality sector offers a wide range of exciting career prospects, in a number of viable employment areas including hotel work, travel, tourism, and various food and beverage industries. With experience and the appropriate education, the hospitality industry can give you the chance to manage a hotel, operate a tour company, plan events at a resort, or lead a team on a cruise ship.

Given the right drive, the opportunities in the hospitality industry are nearly limitless in the Gulf. Because of the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the industry, vertical career growth is in reach, giving you the possibility to move into more complex and prestigious work environments.


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