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Discover a wealth of healthcare opportunities with Randstad. Due to the expansive growth of the Middle Eastern healthcare sector, we recruit for all manner of roles, from general practitioners to radiologists, to physiotherapists and nurses.


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Fewer jobs are more rewarding than ones in health care. Whether you’re looking to work in a hospital or in another other healthcare organization, we can help you to start making a difference in either a temporary or permanent role.


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We match candidates like you to the roles our clients are hiring for. Companies turn to Randstad for staffing support when they are struggling to locate hard-to-find talent, or have an urgent need for specific expertise.

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Randstad have placed hundreds of candidates in rewarding health care roles at every level. We recruit for all manner of different clients, from leading edge hospitals to specialist clinics and wellness centres.

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The Middle East and North Africa region is considered to be an emerging market by many healthcare companies, with spending growth in MENA forecasted to rise by over 9% annually. With further sector growth expected in coming years, the need for talent in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar remains high and competitive. Doctors, nurses, medical specialists, and administrative staff are in constant demand, and professionals with the right skills will have their pick of job opportunities.

your day to day tasks.

The broad range of healthcare jobs and specialties in the Middle East means every day presents new challenges. Dependent on your role, some of your daily tasks could include: 

  • undertaking patient consultations and physical examinations
  • performing surgical procedures, plus providing general pre- and post-operative care
  • monitoring and administering medication
  • assessing and planning treatment requirements
  • working with other healthcare professionals to improve the efficiency and quality in the delivery of services
  • staying abreast of changes and new laws and regulations
  • managing overhead costs, patient fees, and billing
  • creation of work and shift schedules for both direct care providers and other administrators
  • communication with members of the medical staff and department heads

what you bring to the table.

Great healthcare professionals have excellent communication skills that include speaking and listening. They are flexible, detail-orientated, and can easily communicate with patients and families to understand their needs and explain treatment plans.

To succeed in this field, you should have a broad-based knowledge of medical science, and for research positions, a deep knowledge of a specific research area. You’ll need the research and technical skills required to execute studies, plus the ability to think creatively and propose innovative solutions to medical problems.

For any position that involves managing people, you should have mastered the ability to plan and organise projects, delegate responsibilities, provide instruction, guidance, and feedback, as well as expert written, editing, speaking, and presentation abilities.

education & training.

Most jobs in the healthcare sector require at the very least a bachelor's, master's or even doctoral degree in medicine, science, nursing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare management or administration. For leadership, or sales and marketing roles, a business degree may also be an asset.

Most opportunities will also require specialist knowledge of and experience with particular medical fields or scientific research and development. There are many university courses and certifications available in various specialties to help you increase your expertise and earning power.

where your career is headed.

Opportunities to advance your career are abundant in the healthcare sector. There are many options available in public and private hospitals and clinics, plus the academic, government, and non-profit sectors. This includes medicine and research, medicine and public health, medicine and law, or medicine and business, up to GM, country head, and director level.

roles we recruit for.

We have placed hundreds of professional candidates into permanent and contract healthcare roles across a broad range of skills and expertise. Recent roles we have recruited for include:

  • Allied Health
  • Dentists
  • Healthcare Management
  • Nursing
  • Physicians

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