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Whether you’re looking to join a local family company or a Fortune 500, Randstad can help. We connect qualified professionals to a wide range of roles in the finance, banking, and accounting sectors, across the Middle East. 


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Our award-winning recruitment team connects world-class finance professionals with commercial and investment banks, private equity and asset management, accounting and taxation firms, plus corporate in-house teams in multiple industries.


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Financial services organisations are striving to grow in the Middle East, and talent is in high demand. Those that can turn challenges into opportunities will make all the difference.

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Randstad can help you make your next career move by providing market insight, salary benchmarks and CV guides, whether you’re actively looking to work in the Middle East or further afield. 

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Our specialist recruitment consultants work with you before, during, and after your successful finance placement to ensure that you’re fully supported every step of the way, from application to interview assistance and beyond.

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With more than 30 years' experience finding the best candidates for a range of roles, we're experts at matching the right people to the right jobs. We'll only put your CV forward for finance vacancies that we think are worth your time.

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When you think of finance and accounting jobs in the Middle East, you probably think of the Bahrain-based or UAE-based banks, accounting firms, and financial institutions that handle, invest, exchange or manage money. 

Though these institutions are the largest employers in the Middle Eastern financial sector, there are opportunities to be found in insurance, semi-government organisations, and other businesses. Most corporate companies in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman, have a financial component that requires in-house financial expertise.

your day to day tasks.

As a part of a financial, accounting, or investment team based in a Gulf country, your day to day tasks may include:

  • administering accounting processes
  • analysing company finances
  • managing or processing payroll and employee benefits
  • managing or processing invoices
  • preparing tax records and statements
  • developing investment strategies
  • updating financial information
  • making budget recommendations
  • clerical duties related to finances
  • interfacing with customers or clients
  • managing other employees

what you bring to the table.

To thrive in a finance or accounting job, you must be a numbers person. If you enjoy crunching numbers and sifting through data, then a finance, banking, or investment career may be right for you.

In addition to being all about the numbers, you'll need to be highly organised, methodical, and an expert problem-solver. Attention to detail is also incredibly important, as something as small as a missed comma or zero can change your data significantly. Skill in sales, communications, and management will also help you progress into senior finance or banking jobs.

education & training.

Most jobs in the finance and accounting sector in the Middle East require an undergraduate or post-graduate degree in a related field, however, a diploma, certification or many years of on-the-job experience may suffice, depending on the role.

There are numerous certifications available, which can increase your chances of successfully obtaining a job in the finance, banking, or accounting sectors. From CPA accreditations for accountants to CFA designations for financial analysts to CBAP certifications for business analysts, there are plenty of ways to demonstrate your expertise. It would be worthwhile to check whether or not your certifications, if acquired in your home country, are recognised in overseas.

where your career is headed.

Entry to mid-level financial and accounting jobs can offer you with the opportunity to grow and gain the experience needed to take over senior and managerial roles in the future. Roles you can grow into with experience include: accounting supervisor, accounts payable manager, accounts receivable manager, payroll manager, VAT manager, among others.


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