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We provide rewarding career opportunities for automotive professionals, with a vast range of employment opportunities in luxury, mid-range, and volume operations in the Middle East and North Africa. 


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The Middle East's automotive sector remains upbeat; rapidly becoming a hub of technological innovation. We've already placed hundreds of candidates, at the forefront of this cutting-edge industry.

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We actively place automotive talent in areas such as manufacturing and supply, technical, mechanic, and auto servicing, dealer and business development, HR, marketing, sales, and aftersales, plus operations and analysis.

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The number of vehicles in use in the Gulf is constantly on the rise, creating the need for more mechanics, salesroom staff, aftersales and customer relationship management professionals, and collision repair technicians.

Even though technological innovations are cutting back on the number of workers needed to do repair and manufacturing work, the number of automotive opportunities on offer is still expected to increase over the next decade. Major growth areas include the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, plus Middle Eastern cities with yet underdeveloped public transportation networks.

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Your tasks will depend on your specialist area, however, some common tasks in automotive and motoring jobs include:

  • solving engineering problems using mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, thermodynamic, or pneumatic principles
  • supervising and inspecting the installation and adjustment of mechanical systems in industrial plants
  • deciding on the most appropriate materials for component production
  • liaising with suppliers and handling supply chain management issues
  • general repair, inspecting and test driving vehicles, plus checking for faults
  • managing projects, including budgets, production schedules, resources, staff and supervising quality control
  • customer relations, customer service, and sales activities

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If you enjoy tinkering with cars, you might be interested in a career in the automotive sector. Mechanics and automotive service technicians are tasked with repairing automobiles and motorcycles, as well as performing maintenance work to keep them in good, running condition. These jobs are ideal for people who enjoy hands-on activities such as restoring and refinishing vehicles, including changing tires and replacing the glass in broken windows and windshields.

Other automotive pathways include showroom, sales, and aftersales positions, as well as HR, finance, design, engineering, distribution, and marketing. For these roles, you should be able to troubleshoot technical problems, have good attention to detail, commercial awareness, creatively, interpersonal and communication skills, plus the ability to work as part of a team.

education & training.

It used to be that a high school education was enough to get your foot in the door in the Middle East automotive industry, however, times are changing. As automotive technology becomes more sophisticated, more and more employers are looking for technical certifications and degrees.

Educational options for mechanics include vocational training programmes, apprenticeships or on the job training, while engineering and design professionals and managerial level employees are expected to hold a degree in the relevant sector. Graduates will need a degree in subjects such as automotive, mechanical or electrical engineering, production and manufacturing engineering, engineering design or physics.

where your career is headed.

If you have the skills, education, and commitment needed to advance, there are many opportunities for promotion in the automotive industry. Auto mechanics have the option of working for auto dealerships, service stations, repair shops, independent garages, or franchises, and most of these businesses promote internally. Similarly, automotive engineers can enter senior-level management positions within their companies.

Others many choose to gain the experience and expertise needed to open their own consulting firms, or consider specialist roles that involve the application of computer science to vehicle design. There is also the option of obtaining a teaching license, and passing your skills on to students.


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