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Make your organisation's recruiting processes even quicker and discover better talent, by managing and evaluating candidates through the Internet, anytime, anywhere. 

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HireVue technology has changed the way candidates are pre-screened. Randstad can supply your organisation with this virtual interviewing tool at no extra cost, so you can use video to speed up your time to hire.


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Our HireVue video screening tool is straightforward to use, allowing you to conduct interviews whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet. All you need is a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.


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Virtual interviewing is fast becoming the standard method for candidate pre-screening, as it's efficient, fair, and easily structured.

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Reduce your reliance on resumes and make better decisions with structured, standardised interviews. Discover more diverse talent, and hire for potential instead of experience.

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HireVue’s platform captures video and uses artificial intelligence to give you more insight into candidates, so you can make better decisions.

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The right candidates expect more. By using the latest interviewing technology, you ensure a great candidate experience that retains the best talent, and escapes the pitfalls associated with traditional assessment methods.

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The best candidates are busy, and so are your hiring managers. Get deeper insights earlier in the hiring process with structured interviews and side-by-side candidate evaluations, with a customised video interviewing experience.

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