how to know that you’re dealing with the right recruitment agency      

There are thousands upon thousands of recruitment agencies out there; each offering varied levels of quality and commitment – not to mention fees. Identifying an agency, therefore, can be a daunting process, especially if you’ve never used one before, or have had bad experiences in the past.

Fortunately, there are many signs which indicate whether you are dealing with the right recruitment agency – we’ve listed the most important ones to help you make this weighty decision.

what to look for in an agency

Sector expertise – as an employer or a candidate, you are focused on one specific industry. It makes sense, therefore, that your recruitment agency should too concentrate on that same specific industry, staffed by recruitment consultants who possess expertise in that area. With a knowledge and appreciation of each niche, they are far better placed to identify candidates with the requisite skill set. They are also likely to have useful contacts with people in said sector. With access to more jobs and candidates, you recruitment time (and costs) can be significantly cut through using an agency with sector expertise.

Location – an agent may say it’s international, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has offices in different territories. If you are seeking staff for a role in a different country, then it’s vital you turn to an agency that has a physical presence there, which employs local people who have knowledge of the local employment market.

Transparency – there’s nothing worse than hiring a candidate, only to be faced with surprise fees further down the line. A decent agency will be clear about what the fees are and under what circumstances they are payable. Ask them upfront and get the figures in writing. If the agency is a little hesitant, then go elsewhere.

A preferred supplier – if an agency has developed strong a relationship with an employer, it’s likely they’ll be added to a preferred supplier list (PSL). This effectively recognises the agency as a trusted recruitment partner, and earns them initial access to vacancies, ahead of the jobs boards. Most agencies have to submit an official tender to get on to a PSL, but will work hard to achieve that goal.

Comprehensive search techniques – an efficient agency will proactively hunt for the best candidates, using a range of tools; headhunting those whose experience fits the bill, whether the individuals are looking for a new job or not. You should look for an agency which targets a wide range of people via a wide range of techniques, not just those already on their database.

Employee retention records – if an agency claims they find perfect candidates, they should also possess high retention rate records. These show how long an individual has been in the role and the duration should ideally be at least one year.

Contact – whether you’re a business seeking a new recruit or a candidate searching for that next career move, it’s important to know that you will have regular, quality contact with your recruitment agency. The right agency will guarantee regular updates and will be easy to get hold of.

Post-placement service – Your dealings with the agency shouldn’t end once the vacancy is filled; the right agency will offer a post-placement service, keeping in touch to check that everyone is happy and resolve any initial issues.

why Randstad MENA is right for you

With offices in 37 countries, across five continents, Randstad is a big name in the recruitment industry and we are recognised the world over. In fact, we’re the second largest recruitment provider. Plus, with more than 50 years’ experience in recruiting for a wide range of sectors, clients and candidates alike know they can trust our expertise and rest assured that we will match the right applicants to the right roles.

To know is one of our core values; we pride ourselves on knowing our clients and our vast talent pool – that’s how we are able to place people so successfully. Our commitment to excellent service goes without saying; a true reflection of the respect we have for all of our customers – we aim to build and maintain valuable, trusting relationships.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Our ethos is of professional fulfilment – and to achieve this, our qualified consultants take a specialist, tailored approach which bears in mind that every individual and employer is different.

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