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Our salary survey is your comprehensive guide to the latest remuneration and recruitment trends in the Middle East and North Africa. Download your copy today to better understand the region's hiring environment, to benchmark salaries, or to plan your budgets.

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Randstad’s salary and benefits 2017 guide offers key information on workforce trends from permanent and contractual employees from across the globe, who currently work in the Middle East and North Africa region. 

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A competitive benefits package remains the key criteria for choosing an employer and unless it reflects the market, the vacancy is unlikely to attract interest from desirable candidates. Incentives, training and educational support are the top three choices when it comes to employees being rewarded or recognised for their efforts.

69% of our responses came from those aged 22-39 who said they wanted to work for a flexible, modern company. 21% of our responses came from those aged 40-51 who said they would want to work for a company which offers seniority and wage rises. 


2017 edition.

We built on our previous findings, to provide an overview of recruitment trends across the MENA region. Data was obtained from our candidates, in order to understand and establish what's important to employees.

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2016 edition.

Based on survey results from research conducted in late 2015 and early 2016, we analysed working environments across the MENA region to find out what matters to employees. You're welcome to access this data at any time.

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