reacting quickly to temporary staffing needs.

Randstad is the leading recruitment agency for temporary and contract staffing solutions for businesses in the United Arab Emirates. We have the expertise and agility needed to fill staffing gaps quickly. Our service includes visa, insurance, and payroll. 

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flexible plans.

Randstad is one of the largest temporary staffing providers in the world. Bring your contracting needs under one frictionless process and you'll have clearly defined and flexible services delivered.


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expert support.

We put candidates in front of you who can not only do the job but can exceed your expectations of that role. Lean on us to meet your temporary staffing demands, and we'll find the talent for that to happen.

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trusted recruiters.

Your specialist needs demand a specialist approach. That’s why we’ve constructed resourcing solutions that help us respond to your specific needs, and help you to maximise workforce productivity and minimise cost.

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randstad & qualitair.

Supported by Qualitair Aviation Group, we can assist clients across the aviation sector, supplying all aspects of their workforce. We typically deliver technical & engineering personnel, plus management & supervisory, and support staff.

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responsive solutions.

Randstad reacts to your temporary workforce demands wherever they appear within your organistation. We have the outsourcing solutions to your ad hoc needs and skill shortages.

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preferred suppliers.

Randstad designs its delivery models around your organisation, its culture, and its operational objectives. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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enduring success.

For more than 30 years, Randstad has been supplying workers across all industries and sectors in the Middle East, and over those years we've grown from strength to strength.


wide reach.

We can search and source temporary staff with expertise in a multitude of different industries and sectors. From oil & gas, construction, retail & customer service, IT, HR & business support, to manufacturing & logistics. 


all included.

Randstad's contract staffing service comes complete with working visas, insurance, and payroll. We can supply manpower services to companies in the UAE, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Contact Laura Healy on
+971 4360 2635 for more information. 

how we're different.

we understand your business needs.

We understand the cyclical and seasonal recruiting needs of our business partners. Our temporary staffing experts excel at delivering qualified candidates that are the right fit for both your business and industry. We work closely with our partners to help them meet the staffing needs of either business cycle fluctuations or short-term projects. We identify your temporary recruiting needs and develop a strategy to attract skilled, experienced candidates.

better candidates.

When hiring managers in your organisation interview a candidate from Randstad MENA, you can rest assured that this candidate:

  • understands the job they're being hired for
  • has expressed an interest in your company
  • was measured against agreed upon criteria
  • represents the very best talent available

ahead of the curve.

The flexible workforce in the UAE is growing. Randstad MENA can help manage your mix of contingent workers and contractors. As a global leader in this space, we provide an innovative approach to help you improve quality, control costs, boost business agility and turn the flexible workforce into an advantage.