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We know that every business is structured differently, and with that comes unique staffing requirements. At Randstad, we can custom tailor our contract solutions to ensure we meet your organisation’s hiring needs and solve your skill shortages.

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Our contract staffing solutions include a comprehensive range of offerings, from swift recruitment processes to short placement times, flexible and variable costs, plus practical advice and support.


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In line with your staffing needs, we'll organise a solution where visa provision and contract administration is managed on your behalf, giving your own HR team more time to focus on strategic business issues. 


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Alongside taking care of all the paperwork, our contact solutions option offers your business access to new skills, cost saving options, flexibility to meet workload fluctuations, plus cover for long service and maternity leave. 

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With the assistance of our local partners, Randstad can act quickly and decisively to meet your hiring needs. We work with Masader, part of Al Bawardi Enterprises, to supply manpower solutions in the UAE.

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al bawardi enterprises.

Al Bawardi Enterprises is an Emirati-owned group of companies with diverse interests and investments spanning across multiple areas. These businesses include operating divisions, wholly and partially owned subsidiaries, joint ventures, and sponsored companies.

Since its inception in 1979 as Al Bawardi Oil & Gas, the group has expanded its activities and investments from the energy sector to include a diverse range of products and services such as business and IT services, contracting and consulting, alongside healthcare, marine services, marketing and advertising activities. Based in Abu Dhabi, the growth of Al Bawardi Enterprises has gathered pace in recent years, expanding across the GCC area.

masader's manpower solutions.

Masader is a member of the Al Bawardi Enterprises group of companies, and specialises in a range of multidiscipline workforce solutions for companies operating in the oil and gas, information technology, government, and corporate sectors. 

In association with recruitment consultants from well-known organisations, Masadar provides contract and temporary staff with diverse technical skill sets and competency levels. In addition, the company provides placement assistance to major EPC contractors, oil field service providers, and other highly specialised petrochemical companies through consultancy agreements. 

Fully licensed to operate in the United Arab Emirates, Masader is an approved manpower provider for the energy, private, government sectors.

in the 12 years that I’ve worked for Randstad this is probably the most exciting business venture that I have been involved in. To take a service that we are so renowned for on a global scale to our clients here in the UAE is very satisfying. We took our time looking for the ideal local partner to bring this into realization. Masader ticked all of the boxes and we look forward to a very prosperous relationship in the future.

Richard Whale

as General Manager of Masader, and COO of Al Bawardi Enterprises, I am adamant in solidifying this relationship and creating new business opportunities for both parties and to generate the ultimate benefit for our clients across multiple industries to be their preferred point of contact for HR related solutions.

Mohammed Al Bawardi

the new relationship between Randstad and Masader provides both companies with new and unprecedented growth opportunities. This will be possible by both partners tapping into each other’s networks, generating new synergies and accordingly new business.

Stefan Beck
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