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As a key Regional Business Manager for Randstad MENA, Tom Southgate knows top tech talent can change a business for the better. And after working with some of Dubai's most innovative and game-changing start-ups, Tom is well versed in the latest challenges the sector faces, and its future growth potential. 

We asked Tom to tell us more about the rise of 'digital Dubai', and how it will affect tech recruitment in the Middle East:

With nearly three years clocked up on the Dubai barometer and always keeping one eye on the e-commerce market; due to a past career with the retail giant the HUT Group in the UK, I’ve found the city's rise to meet the new appetite for online shopping a fascinating story. At Randstad MENA we are seeing a huge demand for e-commerce talent and the job boards’ littered with vacancies.

The recent announcement of Amazon buying and the imminent launch of causes great intrigue and excitement and poses for a very different landscape for the retail sector in the region. I think the power house retail giants like Chalhoub, Landmark and Al Tayer launching e-commerce platforms also gives some indication of where they see the market going.

"... we are seeing a huge demand for e-commerce talent and the job boards’ littered with vacancies."

According to Brandex data; The rise in usage of smartphones and handheld devices have hiked the ecommerce trend in developed nations globally. Middle East region is also witnessing an up rise in the online shopping trend among its 90 million users where only 15% of the businesses operate online within it. In 2015 the number of B2C e-commerce in the MENA region reached an estimated height of $15 billion rising from $9 million from 2012.

With such a slight number of business operating online in the region, and with the UAE having the highest global online spend per transaction, according to a recent report from KPMG, the huge growth potential and why companies are hurrying to build sites, capitalize and attract the best talent makes complete and utter sense.

A fine example of a UAE homegrown success story, who shot from 1 to 50 employees in as many months; CEO and Founder, Jon Richards of, who recently gave his point of view on this hot topic.


You can read the interview between Tom and's Jon Richards here >


Tom Southgate - Regional Business Manager

Tom has helped connect innovative and high profile businesses with the top talent in the FMCG and Manufacturing & Logistics sectors since 2016. 

Based in Randstad's Dubai office, Tom focuses on the hospitality, retail, food & beverage, consumer goods, media, and e-commerce industries. To find out how your business can attract and hire tech and e-commerce specialists, contact Tom today.

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